SJTU delegation from university level visits on 21 Nov 2023

November 21,2023General

Shanghai Jiao Tong University delegation led by the Deputy Director of International Affairs Division Prof Zhu Yifan visited SJTU-APGI, including E2S2 programme office and laboratory on 21 November 2023. 

The Vice Dean, SJTU-APGI, Ms Meng Jia briefly introduced about the history, progresses and achievements of SJTU-APGI. E2S2 Programme Co-Director Prof Tong Yen Wah and SJTU-APGI Antai Asia-Pacific Center Director Prof Xi Junfang also attended the meeting and further elaborated on E2S2 research and Antai MBA programme. During the meeting, SJTU joint PhD students in NUS and undergraduate research attachment students in NTU shared their study and life experiences in Singapore as well as their plan for the future.  Prof Zhu Yifan hoped that they could take this opportunity to further improve their study and research and at the same time interact more with other students and researchers in Singapore. During the lab tour, Prof Tong demonstrated E2S2 lab facilities currently being used for E2S2 programme and several intra-create projects. The delegation was very interested in management of CREATE. They confirmed the achievements made by SJTU-APGI and hoped that more funding and projects could be awarded to further expand SJTU-APGI’s development.

SJTU university level representative Director of Research Management Division Mr Lu Qi, Deputy Director of Financial and Planning Office Ms Fei Wei, Deputy Director of Alumni Office, Mr Zhang Liqiang,  Head of Planning and Management in Financial and Planning Office Ms Zhang Xiangyi and  Project Manager of International Affairs Division Ms Li Yahui also joined the visit.

In addition, the delegation visited NUS, NTU and SJTU Alumni Association during this business trip to Singapore from 20 to 21 Nov 2023.