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SJTU-SAC is established to be a platform and a framework for SJTU to lead initiatives and activities in Southeast Asia, or with partners and sponsors from the region, and to ultimately increase SJTU’s impact in Southeast Asia, by:

  • Facilitating collaboration with regional public units, universities and schools, organizations and businesses;
  • Promoting access for SJTUers to shape their global vision, to explore cutting-edge scientific research; and
  • Assisting in adequately engaging SJTU with multicultural exchanges and enhance the reputation in Southeast Asia.

Partners & Programs

  • National Research Foundation

    CREATE program
    E2S2-CREATE Program
    E2S2-CREATE is a joint collaborative program between Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) and National University of Singapore (NUS) under the Campus for Research Excellence and Technological Enterprise (CREATE) framework by National Research Foundation(NRF). The program has completed Phase I (Aug 2012- Mar 2018), and is now in Phase II (Aug 2018- Sep 2023). It is facilitated with a laboratory space larger than 2000 m2, funded with 45million Singapore Dollars by NRF, and involved 140 researchers among of whom were Doctors from 7 countries. Up till the end of 2018, 350 papers have been published on well-known publications.
  • National University of Singapore

    Joint PhD program, Students Exchange, Research Collaboration, etc.

    Joint PhD Program
    In 2019, NUS and SJTU have established partnership for Joint PhD programme in Engineering, which is well-received by students. Plans to expand the programme by encompassing more fields for the Joint PhD programme is in progress.

    Students Exchange
    NUS and SJTU enjoy a long standing partnership for the student exchange programme since the collaboration started in the 1990s. The programme remains very popular amongst NUS and SJTU students with approximately 30 students benefiting from the programme each year.

    Collaboration in Research
    The most outstanding joint research program between SJTU and NUS is E2S2-CREATE program. More than 40 faculty members from 9 SJTU schools have worked closely with their partners in NUS. They aim to develop decentralized waste-energy systems, and build system modeling and data management tools to track and mitigate emerging pollutants. Technologies and systems developed will be testbedded in both Singapore and Shanghai.

    Other Programs
    School-level programs consists of mainly student programs across SJTU schools, such as Antai College of Economics and Management, the School of Electronic, Information and Electrical Engineering, the School of Materials Science and Engineering, the School of Environmental Science and Engineering, the School of Humanities, the School of Foreign Languages, the School of International and Public Affairs, and the School of Media and Communication, amongst others. An SJTU-NUS Joint Programme – Master in Quantitative Finance, was also established between SJTU School of Mathematical Sciences and its partner in NUS.

  • Nanyang Technological University

    Collaboration in MBA program, Students Exchange, etc.

    Joint PhD (in progress)
    Starting from 2019, NTU and SJTU reach an agreement to explore joint a PhD program and is currently in progress.

    Collaboration in MBA & EMBA
    Since late 2001, NTU and SJTU have managed to collaborate in MBA and EMBA programs in Singapore and Shanghai. Under mutual efforts, nearly 600 people have benefited from the SJTU MBA program in Singapore, which was also a solid base for the establishment of SJTU Asia-Pacific Graduate Institute.

    Other Programs
    NTU and SJTU have a Dual Master degree program in environmental related area. Besides that, collaborative research was carried out in other areas such as civil and environment engineering, as well as urban and public service research.

  • Singapore Management University

    Teaching and Research Collaboration in Business

    Joint Research Projects

    SJTU and SMU have been involved in joint research, with research teams being formed to exchange ideas and expand their expertise and resources. With years of mature collaboration, SJTU and SMU are looking to collaborate more in other fields like Information Technology and Artificial Intelligence.

    Faculty Exchange
    Both institutes have been exploring joint teaching, with exchange of faculty members for certain courses taught. Faculty members are also invited to various academic events such as conferences at each other's institute. 

    Collaboration on Postgraduate Program
    SJTU and SMU have a long history of collaboration in the Business field, and are looking into further cooperative opportunities, such as the developing of joint courses and symposiums.

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