About SJTU Asia-Pacific Graduate Institute


Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU), as one of the higher education institutions which enjoy a long history and a world-renowned reputation in China, is a key university directly under the administration of the Ministry of Education (MOE) of the People's Republic of China and co-constructed by MOE and Shanghai Municipal Government. After over 125 years of unremitting efforts, SJTU has become a comprehensive, innovative and international top university in China.

As early as in 1992, SJTU began to explore overseas teaching projects in Singapore, becoming one of the first Chinese universities to develop their MBA program outside of China.

In 2002, with the approval of the Ministry of Education of China, the first overseas graduate school – the Shanghai Jiao Tong University Graduate School at Singapore, was established, officially bringing China's high-level degree and graduate education programs beyond its shores. It has cultivated over six hundred young talents in Singapore, who have contributed to local development for decades.

SJTU also joined CREATE, a large-scale scientific research project in Singapore, which laid a solid foundation for the development of SJTU-APGI. The National Research Foundation of Singapore (NRF) launched the CREATE project with the aim of introducing international wisdom to solve major global scientific and technological problems through multidisciplinary joint research. Since 2012, SJTU has collaborated with the National University of Singapore (NUS) to participate in the program of "Energy and Environmental Sustainability Solutions for Megacities (E2S2)", which is one of SJTU’s major research projects overseas. In addition to SJTU, participants of the CREATE program include other world-class universities such as Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Munich University of Technology, Zurich Federal Institute of Technology, Hebrew University, University of Illinois Urbana Champaign and Cambridge University.

Built on the foundation and accomplishments of Phase I of the E2S2 project, the second phase (E2S2 – Phase II) was successfully launched in 2018.

To further expand its operations in the region, SJTU has decided to set up a graduate institute in Singapore. On 25 June 2019, SJTU Asia-Pacific Graduate Institute Ltd. (SJTU-APGI) was registered as a public company limited by guarantee in the country. It has also been registered as a Private Education Institution with Singapore’s Committee for Private Education since 26, Sep 2019.