Program Structure

Pre-Study Module

Team building and communication | Leadership improvement

Opening Ceremony

Class style presentation

Mandatory Courses

[Methodological Basis]
Management Economics | Financial Accounting | Data, Models and Decision Making | Organizational Behavior
Academic English | Academic Writing Ethics and Norms
[Core Management Courses]
Strategic Management | Marketing Management | Corporate Finance | Operations Management
[Courses on China’s Actual Conditions]
Analysis of Chinese Macro-economy | China’s Legal Environment and Systems | Management Forum | Corporate Practice

Integration 1 [Enhancement of International Vision]

Overseas exchange (3-6 months) | Overseas study tour (6-10 days)

Elective Courses

Economy and Policy Orientation | Marketing and Management Orientation | Humanity Orientation | Finance + Orientation | Innovation + Orientation | Internet + Orientation

Integration 2 [Enterprise Diagnostic Analysis]

(Thesis writing and defense)

Graduation Ceremony

Students who have successfully completed their course requirements will be awarded:

SJTU MBA Certificate
SJTU Master Graduation Certificate
NTU Certificate of Attendance

Life-long Learning

Free course study | Overseas study tours | Alumni Club