David Lu, Class of M181209C
Senior Manager,Micron Semiconductor Asia

It was amazing and unforgettable feeling while I entered Shanghai Jiao Tong University as an Antai MBA student. Last time was 20 years ago as a student. I have been working in technical firms since graduated. The MBA program provides me full spectrum of learning opportunity from economics, people management to operation enhancement. It transformed my way of thinking from technical oriented to higher level and wider scope that help me to shape leadership skills and make critical decision at bigger pictures. The learning journey was not easy definitely, but the interactive teaching methods by professors and immersing myself in learning has great pay back to my career progression. More importantly, it is life knowledge going with me a long way.

Edmund Eng, Class of M171209D
Executive director,Wan Chung Construction (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Being at the center of the uprising of an economy powerhouse, Antai College at Shanghai Jiao Tong University was an obvious choice for my pursue of an MBA. Not only does Antai College offer rigorous coursework material on economic theories, it opened my eyes to the in-depth modern business functions of today. The critical analysis of strategic development for businesses and sharing of practical wisdom in decision-making has also better-equipped me to perform my duties as an executive director and enabled me to push boundaries and explore more opportunities for my company.

Howard Kwan, Class of M171209D
General Manager (New Agent Transformation),AIA Financial Indonesia

I have chosen Antai MBA due to the reputation of Shanghai Jiao Tong University as one of the top universities in China and its collaboration with NTU Singapore. Its practical approach during the class discussions has helped me better understand the MBA concepts and how it is applicable to the organizations of today in China. It has also widened my social circle with the right people. The students are of diverse background and have helped me greatly in my work perspectives. As a Singaporean, Antai MBA has certainly improved my cultural understanding of running a Chinese company. I can now better negotiate my business deals with my Chinese counterpart.