Overview of ASEAN MBA program

The MBA program of ACEM, SJTU is dedicated to developing honest and innovative business leaders and industry elites with broad vision, solid foundation and humanistic accomplishments. In the past two decades, the program has made efforts in standardization, quality, brand and characteristics, and has achieved a good brand effect.

The program ranked 34th in the Financial Times Global MBA Ranking for two consecutive years, and ranked 1st and 15th respectively in the FT Top MBAs for Women Ranking and Top MBAs for Finance Ranking. In 2020, ACEM’s MBA program ranked 37th in the Global MBA Ranking of the Financial Times.

SJTU’s “Business and Management” is the only economic management discipline in Shanghai included in the list of “Double First-class” universities and disciplines of the Ministry of Education. In the fourth round of the national discipline evaluation and the first professional-degree ranking, SJTU’s first-level discipline of business administration and MBA were both ranked A+.

Offered in 1994, the MBA program of ACEM, SJTU has so far enrolled tens of thousands of MBA students. In 2002, ACEM cooperated with Nanyang Business School of Nanyang Technological University (NTU) for the first time in Singapore, currently having more than 600 local MBA alumni in Singapore.

The academic board ensures that a high standard and quality in the institute's teaching, courses and educational efforts is kept; while the examination board develops, handles and maintains the institute's examination procedures, ensuring the integrity and fairness in all student assessments.

Managers: Peng Yinghong, Chen Fangruo, Luo Peng
Academic Board: Chen Fangruo (chair), Deng Tao, Peng Yinghong
Examination Board: Yin Haitao (chair), Xi Junfang, Zhang Yong

MBA Office

General Office


The classroom is located at Nanyang Technological University, ESR2

Classroom Floor Area(Square meter) Student
ESR2 138.24 sqm 60