SJTU Vice President Prof Zhang Zhaoguo visits APGI&E2S2 on 8 Sep 2023

September 12,2023General

Shanghai Jiao Tong University Vice President Prof Zhang Zhaoguo visited SJTU-APGI, including the new site of classroom at One North and E2S2 programme on 8 September 2023. 

The Vice Dean, SJTU-APGI, Ms Meng Jia briefly introduced about the history, progresses and achievements of SJTU-APGI and CREATE-E2S2. E2S2 ES-2 project lead PI, the Vice Dean of SJTU China-UK Low Carbon College, Prof He Yiliang guided Prof Zhang and the delegation to visit E2S2 office and laboratory facilities. Prof Zhang communicated with PhD students from SJTU who came to Singapore for exchange/joint PhD programme. Students shared their living and study experiences in Singapore. Prof Zhang encouraged them to interact more with NUS and NTU students. During the lab tour, Prof He demonstrated the lab facilities currently being used for E2S2 programme and several intra-create projects. Prof Zhang affirmed the development of APGI and hoped that more E2S2 research technologies could be adopted and transferred to the industry.

The representative from SJTU International Affairs Division, Ms Wang Jin also attended the visit.