Calligraphy by SJTU Professor ZHOU Bin - Grain Rain

April 20,2022General

Calligraphy by Professor ZHOU Bin - Grain Rain in 24 Solar Terms
Source: Confucius Institute at UNSW Sydney (Youtube)

Grain Rain (谷雨) is the 6th of the 24 solar terms, and the last of the Spring season. It falls between 19-21 April each year, 15 days after Qingming. This year, Grain Rain falls on 20 April.

The calligraphy in the video is by SJTU School of Humanities Professor, ZHOU Bin, who is also Director of the Chinese Calligraphy Culture Education and Communication Center. As a renowned professor and artist, Professor Zhou is dedicated to the international exchange of calligraphy culture and cross-cultural communication, with a mission to break down cultural and language barriers and connect people from different backgrounds around the world through calligraphy, one of the world’s long and great artistic traditions. He initiated a calligraphy class in the United Nations Headquarters and was praised by the former U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon as a “Master of Calligraphy” and an “Ambassador for Calligraphy”.