Webinar with Singapore Business Federation: Understanding China Business Landscape

November 19,2021General | Education(Antai)

Our institute has partnered with the Singapore Business Federation (SBF) to organise a Webinar on 18 November to share our knowledge and insights on doing business in China. Speakers from SJTU and other guest speakers touched on topics such as Human capital, investment opportunities in China, and the e-commerce landscape for China consumers.

The webinar was well-received and attended by more than 40 professional representatives from various small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The institute is currently collaborating with SBF to develop and launch a program in 2022.


10.45 am

Zoom Waiting Room Opens

Registered participants are encouraged to join the webinar early

11.00 am

Developing Human Capital

Presented by: Dr Sherman Ong, Senior Advisor, CENS Digital Builder

11.15 am

Business Investment in China

Presented by: Ms Yvonne Liow, Chief Representative (Overseas), Digital Economy Association of CATIS (China Association of Trade in Services)

11.30 am

How to Configure Your Supply Chain for E-commerce in China

Presented by: Dr Albert Tan, Antai Asia-Pacific Center, SJTU Asia-Pacific Graduate Institute

11.45 am

Career Conversion Programme-Internationalisation Professionals

Presented by: Ms Elizabeth Wee, Assistant Manager, SBI, Singapore Business Federation

12.00 pm

Questions & Answers

12.15 pm