Executive Education

March 26,2021Education(Antai)

We are excited to kick off our first series of the Executive Education Programme this year. To be held over four sessions, the first two sessions were taught by Professor He Fan from Shanghai Jiao Tong University’s Antai College of Economics and Management. Topics covered included ‘Understanding China’s Macroeconomic Policy and Decision-Making’ and ‘Game Theory’. With Professor He Fan’s expertise in the subject matter, the lessons were delivered with ample case studies and real-life applications, and were well-received by the participants.

For the next two sessions that will be held in April and May, participants can expect to be touching on topics such as China's Economic and Financial Trends, and Organisational Leadership – presented by Professor Pan Yingli and Professor Tang Ningyu respectively.

Part of the newest educational programmes offered by SJTU-APGI, the Executive Education Programme can be specially customised and catered for working professionals, business leaders and organisations. Contact us for more information on our courses.