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Introduction to Antai Asia-Pacific Center

On November 28, 2019, with the official unveiling of Asia-Pacific Graduate Institute, Shanghai JiaoTong University(SJTU-APGI), the Asia Pacific Center of Antai College of Economics and Management was officially established.

After the establishment of Antai Asia Pacific Center, it hopes to change the current situation of Antai's education in Singapore, from running classes to running schools, from conducting a single MBA program, to expanding to Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) and executive education(EE).

In the future, the Asia Pacific Center will also make use of Singapore's geographical location and policy advantages to attract global professors to join ACEM and carry out scientific research projects, so as to make it an education entity with all aspects and equal emphasis on teaching and scientific research. The Antai Asia Pacific Center will be based on Singapore, looking forward to Southeast Asia and the layout of all the countries along the Belt and Road.

  • Singapore's geographical location
  • Policy advantages